Guaranteed Final Expense Life Insurance was founded to fill the gap in one of the most underserved markets in the insurance industry, Final Expense. With the cost of funerals rising, it is not uncommon to see bills in the ten to fifteen thousand dollar range.

Out of this concern for seniors, the people that have always provided for, and been there for their families, it made sense that in death they would be just as responsible as they were when they were alive.

So Guaranteed Final Expense Life Insurance was founded to provide them an outlet where they could have a truly professional experience when shopping for their Final Expense insurance. We have access to over four hundred final expense life insurance companies. We have policies with no medical questions that are guaranteed issue. Policies that don't require a nurse coming to your home for blood or urine. Policies that last your whole life, premiums that never increase and benefits that never decrease regardless of your health.

These policies pay out quickly, usually funding 24-48 hours after submission of the claim and the death certificate. The funds go to your beneficiary tax free and can be used to pay for funeral, hospital, other expenses, or simply used as the beneficiary desires, of course after your wishes are fulfilled.

We get to know our clients and we build relationships. It's not just about selling insurance. It's about the people we make friends with. On your family's worst day we will be there for you and for them.

The referral of your friends and family is the greatest compliment you can give us.